"Who Else Wants A Step-by-Step Blueprint to Add
Up To 5, 10, 20, Even 30 NEW Money-Hungry
Associates Every Week?"

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"Since applying your principles, my commissions have
begun to skyrocket..."

Mr. Gomez!!

We have never met, nor have we conversed at any time, however, I just felt that I needed to formally thank you for the amazing effect you have had on my life.

A while ago while surfing the net I came across your post and added it to my resource material. 

I decided to begin using some of your words, word for word.......and Oh My God, it has made such a tremendous difference in response.

Since applying your principles, my commissions have begun to skyrocket, and I make sure I send all my new distributors to that sight too.

Too bad you can't get a cut of this eh?  God Bless!! 

Mary Lafontaine
Unknown Internet User

Dear Fellow (Frustrated) Network Marketer,

1et me ask you a question and for your own benefit, answer truthfully.

  • Would you like to learn a simple (yet effective) way to get more qualified prospects to your opportunity meetings?
  • Would you like to grow your business without having to bother friends or family?
  • Are you fed up with spending $4 dollars (or more!) for "hot" leads that never wanted a home-based-business in the first place?
  • Do you want to show all the skeptics you CAN make money with your "crazy" business opportunity?

If you answered "yes" to any of these questions, you MUST read every word of this letter.

This could literally help you find the success you dreamt of when you first joined your Network Marketing business.

This recruiting system is so effective in building massive residual checks, it can turn your business around in less than 90 days.

...But only if you're TRULY willing to put in the effort to make it happen.


"With Greg's Help I Added Over
550 People In Just 4 Months!"

Hey Greg,

Before I met Greg, I was extremely challenged in sales and marketing.! I was frustrated and invested tons of money with no results.

After I met Greg I learned how to become a successful marketer. I seen my income shoot straight up. And added over 550 people in just a few months, and grossed over $220,000!

I owe a ton of my success to Greg.

Brian Zimmerman
Denver, CO


Let's cut to the chase... Many programs and guru's promise an easy road to MLM success, lighted with rainbows and pretty diagrams of people who'll join your team and help you grow your business to 7-figures all with practically no work at all, right?

"All you have to do is find 2, who find 2, who find
2 and you'll be on your way to financial freedom!"-Your upline.

News Flash! - That's Total Bull$#!t!

Let's get real, if those strategies worked, everybody in the world would be an Amway distributor.

No, the truth is...

...To build a lasting residual income in today's highly skeptical world you need to take a completely different approach to marketing your MLM business opportunity.

In order to earn consistent income from your home –based business you need to separate yourself from all the "me too" MLM marketers, using "attraction marketing" techniques to promote themselves as a "guru"...

...(even though, many of them have yet to build a 6-figure business themselves.)

And you have to do all of this without spending yourself out of business.

New MLM Blueprint Unveils:

6-Simple (Dirt Cheap), Steps to Recruiting 5, 10, 20; EVEN 30 New Motivated Distributors Every WEEK!

Simple Strategies to Get Nearly Endless
Inexpensive, Targeted Leads

(with NO complex Internet tactics)!

And A Recruiting Funnel So Effective...
...You'll Add More Reps A WEEK Than
Your Upline Does All Month.

If you don't know me, let me introduce myself, my name is Greg Gomez III.

I've been involved with network marketing and direct sales for over 13 years. And despite its shortcomings, I love this industry, but it drives me crazy to see old-school, "fake-it-till-you-make-it" techniques still being taught despite their huge failure rate.

I know the damage these techniques cause, because I was one of its casualties.

Are you guilty of these MLM marketing mistakes too?

  • I made a list of my family and friends
  • I bought every training tape
  • Attended every regional meeting
  • Dragged everyone I knew to hotel meetings and
  • Bought every promotional tool I could find with the company's name on it. All in an effort to make my day job go away.

After years of late nights, driving friends all
over town & promising my wife it'd all pay off...

I ended up in over $89,365.34 of credit card debt.

Just when it seemed I'd have to file bankruptcy,
something unexpected happened...

I started to see some success patterns in what I had been doing, turned out a few strategies were very profitable.

I started to track these results and measure my activities.

And as I focused more on these unorthodox techniques (and eliminated the "losers") I began to turn my business around, but the most eye-opening part was...

...I learned that the traditional techniques I'd been spending hundreds of hours on where terribly ineffective compared to these new approaches.

I spent the next few months honing these winning techniques to a well oiled process I could use to make money at will.

I then boiled the 6 most-profitable strategies into a simple process I followed daily to turn my business around.


After 8 years of struggling I'd finally developed a 6-step process that added over 23 people a week,
every week without fail...
...But could I teach others?

Understand something...

I never set out to become a "guru". In fact, most of the would be Trainers in the market today have very little understanding of how to REALLY grow a business.

But after seeing the high failure rate and the horrible marketing training that's out there I decided to prove that there is a much better way to recruit and that these systems worked.

Not just for me but for anyone who has used the techniques "as is".

So with a stack of targeted leads and a phone, I enrolled over 23 people a week and more importantly recruited a team of "wet behind the ear" marketers with whom to teach my system.

I made sure the folks I "experimented on", had never been successful in a home based business before because I wanted to be positive that these steps worked for anyone, not just "MLM Pros".

After only 6 months of teaching my system to a group of "newbie" network marketers,

I added over 247 people a week into my group... Every Week Like Clockwork!

Since developing this process over 5 years ago, I've dedicated myself to teaching average network marketers, the secrets to adding dozens of new motivated associates into their businesses.

Here's the reality...

Marketing an MLM is really simple...
When you focus on people that already want what you have...

...or what I call the "low hanging fruit"

When you apply these same steps into your current business you'll learn where to find people that already have a "want" for what you have and how to create a sales funnel that does a bulk of the "selling" for you.

Because you're reading this, I'm assuming you're committed to making your business a success, is that right?

Well, in order to have a successful business you MUST have 2 systems in place:

  1. A constant source of new targeted prospects that have an interest and desire for your services.
  2. A sales system that allows you to effectively recruit those leads into your business on a regular basis.

But the biggest challenge networkers face is finding enough leads willing to hear about an opportunity and for the few that do listen, have trouble closing the deal.

""50,000 free leads baby!"..."

Yikes!  You read that right.  I got 50,000 leads
for free using your process.

Wanna buy some leads?  

Just kidding.

I have a pretty high IQ

Part of being smart is being smart enough to
know when you don't know something and that
the guy with the experience and results under his
belt knows better.

Thanks again,

Corey Watts
Sacramento, CA


There is a way to get hundreds even thousands of leads perfectly targeted to your products and services and...

...a simple-to-implement system you can use to add up to 5, 10, 20, even 30 new associates into your business like clockwork each & every week.


The "6-Step MLM Business Blueprint"
"An Online Crash-Course to Recruiting Bigger Numbers
For Frustrated Network Marketer's"

In this interactive online/teleseminar Coaching Program you'll get my 6 jam-packed training modules where I'll lay out the entire system I've personally used to generate millions in revenue in network marketing and direct sales...

Here's what you'll get...

Module 1 Market selection

Training Module 1 - 7 Videos
How To Identify and Target Your Perfect Market:

In this training module you'll learn everything you need to know about how to Identify the best prospects for your service. Who they are, how to find thousands of them (dirt cheap), and an interview process that reveals EXACTLY how to sell them your goods.

Here's just a few of the things you'll learn...

sdv How to "profile" your ideal client and a template that allows you to laser beam focus your marketing efforts to get more recruits, fast. (This one technique can triple your closing rate.)
s The easiest way to do market research to find a super responsive group of people in less then 3 hours work.
sdv What number's you need to track to make sure the leads you get are the best they can be.
sdv Where to get lists of THOUSANDS of people who fit your "perfect market Profile" and What you MUST do to qualify for them.
sdv Marketing Funnel, what it is, and how it can put your prospecting efforts on auto pilot. (Implementing this approach will virtually eliminate resistance and make enrolling new associates a "near-guilty" pleasure).

The difference between "Cold" and "Targeted" leads and which one you need to focus on to maximize your results!

sdv The 6 must-have elements to build and maintain 6-figure results for the rest of your life. (Missing even one of these could literally put your MLM in a body bag)
sdv My "dirty little secret" to creating an army of fanatical promoters.

Module 1 Market selection

Training Module 2 - 4 Videos
How To Get An Endless Supply of Dirt Cheap Targeted Leads

In this module you'll learn my closely guarded secrets to getting all of the test leads you could want to grow your business, what to measure to be sure you got the best leads, and how to get them, by the thousands, for FREE!
Here's just a few of the things you'll learn...
sdv Where & How to get thousands of targeted prospects who already have a "want" for your products/services for .10 to .25 cents each.
s A little-known secret to getting these targeted leads, FREE for your entire team. (This is not taught ANYWHERE by ANYBODY, except here.)
sdv My Proven script I've used to get hundreds of thousands of free leads!

A recorded call of me getting leads for free. You'll hear me live in action as I work my magic and show you how anyone can do it.


The DNC Registry: What it is, and how to use it to print legal money.


How to easily navigate the shark infested wasters of purchasing leads and what 6 questions you need to ask BEFORE you buy your first lead.


The fastest way to get your first set of leads in less then an hour.

sdv All this and much more...

Module 1 Market selection

Training Module 3 - 5 Videos
Secrets To Building a 6-figure Prospecting Script.:

In this module we'll perform an autopsy on my most effective prospecting script and methodologies. I'll train you the same way I've trained every other 6-figure money earner who's paid me top-dollar to go through my system. I'll hold nothing back.

Here's a bit of what you'll learn...

sdv How to build a "phase 1" Prospecting Script to test your "Offer" sales power and help you get into profit ASAP.
s Instant rapport! How to connect with your prospect, determine personality type and build real connections in 5 minutes or less.

Prospecting script template you can use for your business (both product and opportunity promotion) with a detailed "psychological triggers" outline of what each sentence does and why it works.

(Finally you'll understand "WHY" you're saying something. This helps you be more confident and bold if you ever need to wing it "off-script".)

sdv A Greeting technique so powerful, it increases your contact ratio's by up to 45% (I always get comments on how odd this one sounds until my students use it, you'll be blown away at the difference the entire conversation takes, because of just ONE WORD.)
sdv Posturing and Control; how to get it, how to keep it, and why this can make or break your recruiting efforts.

The 3 crucial elements you need to qualify for in your prospecting script, and how it can almost guarantee a 20% close ratio.

sdv Why traditional "phone" approaches kill credibility, and 3 key elements you can use to earn instant respect over the phone. (I guarantee you're making at least one of these mistakes, and once corrected you'll understand why you haven't gotten bigger results before.)
sdv My infamous "3 strike" policy and how it can help you walk into any prospects mind as an authority and a powerful leader.
sdv What successful prospectors know that 95% of Network Marketers don't, and how it can improve your retention by 370%.
sdv 7 simple steps to improve your prospecting activity.
sdv How to face difficult questions while prospecting with ease and confidence.
sdv Why 80% of your sales efforts are successful or fail strictly based on your prospecting efforts.
sdv How to side-step gatekeepers with ease and grace, getting even the nastiest of guards to help you reach the person you're looking for.
sdv The Single Most Important Question You Can Ask, When to Ask it, And How It Can Boost Your Recruiting Ranks By 100s a year. (This one alone can help you add an extra 5-7 people into your opportunity in the first week!)
sdv Much, Much More!

Module 1 Market selection

Training Module 4 - 4 Videos
Top Recruiter Strategies to Constructing a Persuasive Presentation:

This is the holy grail of sales training because it reveals how I get consistent recruiting numbers every week, without fail (even if you decide to take some time off). This will literally systemize your recruiting efforts and create "replication" throughout your Down-Line. Now you'll be able to put your self "onstage" without ever needing to leave your home.

Here's just a few of the things you'll learn...

sdv How to build a "phase 1" Presentation Call that tests your sales message and determine the fastest way to profit.
s How to position yourself as an expert and get people asking your professional opinion before making any decision. (You'll shake your head and laugh to yourself when you realize how easy it is to have people chasing you, to get what you've got. Never again will you have to beg or convince someone to join your opportunity.)
sdv The secret technique top phone pros use to add more people into their product/opportunity in less than an hour. (Your upline will be scratching their head asking "how'd they, Do that?") And I'll give you this tool for free!
sdv Presentation "Road-Map": Step-by-step guide to get your sales message up and running as quickly as possible.

5 easy steps to get prospects calling you back, credit card in hand, ready to buy.


What equipment you need to build a professional sounding call, 100% free.

sdv Much, Much More!

Module 1 Market selection

Training Module 5 - 5 Videos
Objection Handling Process:

6-step process to identify, isolate and overcome ANY objection. I've been paid up to $75,000.00 to teach this one system alone. If this was the only thing you got from me, you would have gotten at least ten times the cost of admission (at least).

Here's just a few of the things you'll learn...

sdv 6 words to eliminate the phrase "I need to think about it" from you prospects excuse box.
s 2 ready made "rebuttals" you can use in your business (with very little adjustment) that can help you overcome any real issue your prospect might have.
sdv The only 2 legitimate objections you'll ever get and how to overcome them at least 20% of the time. (that's a huge close ratio)
sdv Smoke screen objections: what they are and how to easily ferret out the "real" objection.
sdv Buying Question vs. Objection: Falsely identifying these can cost you thousands of dollars every week. (This is by far one of the biggest blunders networkers make that is easy to do right, once you know what to look for)

And tons more!


Module 6

Training Module 6 - 9 Videos!
Closing Scripts For Maximum Order Taking.

How to build a "phase 1" Closing Script that allows you to quickly take orders and instill confidence in your new recruit.

Here's just a few of the things you'll learn...

sdv A fall-over-easy way to increase your enrollments by 300% (you'll out produce your upline every week for just 5 minutes more worth of work ;)
s How to get your phone ringing off the hook, nonstop, with prospects interested in your offer BEFORE you've ever spoken to them.
sdv  Listening techniques so effective you'll become a human lie detector (this one also helps in your marriage fellas ;)
sdv A method of answering questions that whips your prospects into an uncontrollable need for your Service.
sdv 8 points of information you need to collect from an interested prospect that "closes the deal" every time and gets them started on the right foot.

A questioning process that allows YOU to maintain control in any conversation, and identify in less than 15 seconds if the person you're talking to is "Team Builder" or a "Time Waster."

sdv The truth about what your prospects really think about your program and two magic questions that give you "x-ray" vision into your prospects true feelings.
sdv This just barely scratches the surface, you'll learn tons more...

"Greg, Does this really work as well as you say it can?"

I've personally spent the last 13 years testing, analyzing, and re-testing every question and psychological aspect of this marketing system to make sure each technique produces a consistent result.

What I developed was a basic and easy to implement system that earned me top positions in every single company I've worked with.

(Many times out writing the next agent by 2 and 3 times!)

But that wasn't good enough.

I then tested the system with "average" networkers and direct sales agents to be sure it wasn't something that just worked for me.

We tested these strategies in every product category, including:

  • Legal Services
  • Telecom
  • Nutritional sales
  • Retail Sales
  • Weight Loss
  • Personal Coaching
  • Informational Sales
  • Financial Services
  • Health and Wellness
  • Real Estate
  • Car Sales
  • Travel
  • And on and on...

To produce 6 and 7 figure results time and time again.

What I discovered blew me away.

I found that no matter where I applied these marketing strategies they worked (with very little adjusting).

Bottom line, Now you'll be able to:

  • Get Thousands of Targeted Prospects Who "Want" what You Have!
  • Develop A Sales Process That Does 90% of the Selling For You!
  • And Supply Your Team With A Winning Sales Funnel That Produces Consistent Results, adding Up to 10 and 20 new Associates every Week (which means they'll stick around)!


ANYONE (willing to work a little) can use these strategies to get more leads then and recruit more new motivated associates into your downline.

(More people a week than your upline does a month!)

The Simple Truth Is:

  • You don't need to be an Internet "wiz kid" to get thousands of leads.
  • You don't need a huge budget (in fact you can get some of your best results for less than $100 a month!)
  • You don't need to be well connected.
  • And the best part? You don't need to pester relatives or friends, EVER.

Plus you'll receive over $3,497.00 in Fast Action bonuses!

Just to sweeten the pot for you I've included a ton of great bonuses, all designed to help you take your business to the next level...


"Gun-To-My-Head Implementation Road Map"
($297.00 Value)

You'll learn quick that I'm all about results and action.

If I had everything stripped away from me and was forced to start over, with only a Phone, my computer (with internet access), and $150 dollars in my bank account, I could turn my $150 into $3-5 thousand dollars in less then seven days from scratch!

Great for me, right? I tell you this because...

As great as this training is, it will only help you grow your business when you use it.

That being understood...

At the end of each Module, I'll walk you through my quickest ways of implementing that process as if I had a "gun to my head", showing you the short cuts to take action on what you've learned.

But in addition to that you'll get a "road map" of each step you need to take, when and how to do it so you can build your new business, as we go.

How many times have you taken a course and never got started implementing?

This "kick in the pants" implementation process will make the action steps easy to do to help ensure you're using these money making strategies to the fullest.


All the audio's from my sold-out 6-Live training.
($197.00 Value)

The call series that started it all!!!

I walked a small group through my entire 6-Step process
and answer live questions as we went.

Now you'll hear exactly what was taught and learn from the questions and feedback given by the other students.



Intro to Internet Strategies Bonus TeleConference Call.
($497.00 Value)

"Greg, What about using the internet?"

Ok, Ok, Yes the internet is powerful, but when you learn to target your market using the strategies I'm teaching here, you'll become "sniper-shot" accurate in building a message that converts online.

I'll go over the basics of how to use these 6 steps to generate your own leads online, and (More importantly) how to use it to make your recruiting process almost "silly-easy".

I also have some guest speakers in mind that are powerhouses in the industry. (who have agreed to help you in applying these steps into an internet website.)


Industry Specific Mastermind Groups
($997.00 Value)

If there's anything that has propelled my success more than anything else, it's been masterminding with other entrepreneurs.

But it can be hard to get hooked up with a mastermind team.

So I'm going to take care of that for you...

I'll be putting together a group for you to work with on your campaign from your industry...

Basically your very own MASTERMIND TEAM!

Working yourself on your business is one thing but if you can work with others it can make your creativity and results shoot through the roof.


Now, before we go on, I want you to understand something critical...

WARNING: If you're an Excuse maker, procrastinator, finger pointer, whiner, or in any way just flat out lazy, I got bad news for you, this won't work for you either.

Although what I provide here is an efficient machine in getting results, it will not work with out implementation.

Don't get me wrong, I'm all for relaxing on the beach and letting my businesses run without me, but the reality is that you have to earn it.

What you'll learn here is battle-hardened strategies that have netted consistent results for EVERY person who has implemented them the way they're shown.

Imagine An Easy To Implement System To Get Virtually Unlimited Prospects...

Not Just Interested in What You Have...

But Practically Begging You to Give Them an Opportunity to be on Your Team...

That's what this system provides you!

In This eCourse You'll Learn:

My 6 strongest business systems that if I had one option to get a business up to 6-fiuredom these are the only strategies I'd turn to.

I don't say this lightly, but several of my clients (who where deathly afraid of getting scammed) have shared with me how amazed they are at the difference these marketing techniques have made in their recruiting numbers.

Here's what they have to say about the...

The "6-Step MLM Business Blueprint"
"An 8 Week Crash-Course to Recruiting Bigger Numbers
For Frustrated Network Marketer's"

Imagine for a minute what adding 10 to 20 people a week could mean for your business and your lifestyle.

  • What would signing up 10 new associates each week do for you and your family?
  • How many weeks would you need to do that before you could realistically quit your current J.O.B.?
  • What is the first new "toy" you would buy with all the extra money?
  • And Most Importantly, What would it feel like to FINALLY be COMPLETELY debt-free and cash positive, never again having to worry about what something costs.

Don't get me wrong, this is not a miracle program, but it will help you understand this core truth:

Prospecting and Recruiting is Really Just a Numbers Game.

I'll show you how to understand and put those numbers in you favor, in a huge way.

Bottom line, You'll Have More People Agree to Hear
What You've Got, Show Up to A Call, AND Call You
Back Up To 8 times Out of 10!

After years of research, retooling and trial by fire, I've put together (in my humble opinion) the single most effective recruiting system for Network Marketers on the planet.

Now please don't take this as being boastful, but with consistent letters and Voice mails like these, I feel I have a little room to crow..

"They Gave Me 100 Free Trial Leads"..."

Hi Greg!

Wanted to let you know, your script for getting free leads is great!  I'm at the end of my first cycle this week and started calling lead brokers today. 

I got a hold of a guy at and they gave 100 free trial lead

But the best part is that after he gave me the bulk prices

He gave me his number and told me to call him after I got through the first 100 and he would arrange another 200 for me for free!!  


Nina Meister
Fortune Hi-Tech Marketing

Let Me Ask You A Serious Question.

What does financial freedom look like to you?

Now, I'm not talking about jet planes and limousines, that's nice and all, but I'm talking realistic immediate financial freedom.

Having more money coming in, then going out.

Finally being able to escape the "rat race" and not having to trade your hours for dollars, for a boss that doesn't care about you when you're the one making him all the money.

How often have you daydreamed of having enough money to be able to tell him what to do with that J.O.B.

Have you ever considered what it would be like to reach that kind of income?

Being able to take a day (or three) off with no worries about what you'll have to "go without" because of it.

Do you ever imagine, sitting in your favorite recliner, bills paid, new vehicles in the drive way, debt free, maybe a bigger home?

Enjoying the fruits of your downline's production.

Even getting calls from other promoters begging you to share your secrets (and willing to pay for them!)

Your relationship with your spouse is more relaxed and you enjoy your time together, again.

No more arguing over how much you've "invested" into your business and where the money for bills is going to come from.

Just no more worrying about the cost of things, You can just get what you want, when you want it.


Isn't this what you dreamt of when you signed up with Networking Company?

Well, here's your wake up call, you CAN achieve your financial goals, but it all starts by getting your business cash positive FIRST.

In this eCourse you'll get off the recruiting
"Merry-go-Round" and finally learn what it takes to market like your company leaders.

And recruit more people every week then you had previously all month.

""Since applying your principles, my commissions have begun to skyrocket"..."

Mr. Gomez!!

We have never met, nor have we conversed at any time, however, I just felt that I needed to formally thank you for the amazing effect you have had on my life.

I joined my first MLM business exactly one day prior to your post of Aug 17, 2004!!!  A while ago while surfing the net I came across your post and added it to my resource material. 

I decided to begin using some of your words, word for word.......and Oh My God, it has made such a tremendous difference in response.

I joined this company because they had the most amazing compensation and commission packages, and the support from the company has been astounding, but my skills really sucked.  

Since applying your principles, my commissions have begun to skyrocket, and I make sure I send all my new distributors to that sight too.

Too bad you can't get a cut of this eh?  God Bless!! 

Mary Lafontaine
Unknown Internet User

"OK, Greg, how much are you going to charge me for all of this?"

I had a very hard time pinpointing exactly what to charge for this system.

On one hand...

I have a weakness for networkers because, that's where I got my start as an entrepreneur and it requires a special kind of person to take on the challenge of building a business, like you have.

I know, first hand, how difficult it can be to do what you've done (I struggled for years), and I want to congratulate you on your decision to start your home-based business.
I also want to do what I can to help you get your start down a successful road to bigger checks and "true financial freedom". However...

On the other hand...

I've charged up to $75,000.00 to share these secrets with some of the worlds leading direct sales and network marketing companies. And they where ecstatic to do so, because of the results they received.

(I currently charge $5,000 dollars a day and $997.00 an hour for consulting.)

And when you factor in all of the time, effort, energy, phone calls, rejections, blood, tears, and relationships lost to acquire this training...

Not to mention the actual dollars spent in marketing and educational sales material over the last 12 years (over $175 thousand dollars and rising).

You could easily argue an investment of thousands of dollars for the course, would be more than fair.

(A business colleague almost fell out of her chair when I told her what was included in the system; we're now developing a "physical kit" we plan to sell to her data base for $1,497.00)

All that aside, let me ask you...

If it was your story being told here instead of mine, and you had developed this system through your hard work and trial-and-error, after years of struggle and pain, what would your knowledge and expertise be worth?

What would you charge?

I plan to "roll out" this system after my break with an affiliate program, but for it to make financial sense I'll need to charge between $997.00 and $1497.00.

However, because of the current economy (and the typical networking situation) I wanted to make this as affordable as I could.

So, after much debate and serious thought, I've decided to temporarily make my system available to you for only $1,997.00 $1,497.00 $997 but only for the next 500 people that take advantage of this offer.

"If You're Willing To Take a Chance On Me, I'm Willing To Take a Chance On YOU..."

Ok, here's the deal...

If you promise to use the system and honestly put this training in action for your business allow yourself to experience all the amazing results I've touched on in this letter, then I'm going to let you have access to my MLM Business Blueprint for the first 14 days for just $1 dollar and then just $77 month there after (cancel at any time).

That's right. NOT $1,997, not even $1,497...just $997 is all it takes to get access to training material people cheerfully pay me up to $2,499.00!

You can use that extra cash you save to hit the ground running with these strategies.

What could be better?

I'll tell you what...

I'm so 100% confident that this system can be the biggest boost your pocket book has ever seen, I'll not only fully guarantee your investment, I'll do you one better...

Here are my Armored-Car Safe Double Guarantee...


My Double-Your-Money,
One-Year Guarantee!

This is the best guarantee in the industry!

Stay a member for a full year, implement the 6-Steps as I describe if after applying these strategies, you don't add at least 10 new associates into your MLM per month, I'll give you a full refund plus an additional $499 Just for playing, all I ask is you use my training "as-is", Fair enough?


At this point I've done my best to help eliminate every obstacle you could face that would stop you from acting.

If you're still not sure, you really need to consider if starting an MLM business of any kind is right for you.

Through my video's and in this letter I feel I've shown you beyond any doubt that the traditional MLM marketing strategies of old are completely useless in today's day and age.

If you truly want to have success in your business you need to implement my 6 step system, quite frankly... because It's the best.

I'm offering you my entire business blueprint for duplicating my success (even if you're not an expert and you've struggled to recruit your spouse), and finally...

Not to be blunt, but it's decision time...

WIth the economy the way it is your choice is clear you can either make excuses or you can make money, you can't do both.

In the end, there will be those who see this opportunity, jump on it and reap the rewards...and then there will be people who make excuses, procrastinate and continue to get the same results they always have, the definition of insanity..

It's time for you to decide what group you fall into. It's time to get started...

ohh one last bonus for those that take action Sooner rather than later...

Uber Bonus
($499.00 Value)

I'm so excited about this one for you.

One of the things we'll be doing in this new updated version of the training is show you how to use some "offline" technologies to help you get your phone ringing NONSTOP!.

A voice blast (VB) system allows you to do just that by dialing THOUSANDS of phone numbers for you driving them to your sales message and ultimately contacting you interested in what you have to offer...

BEFORE you pick up the phone to prospect them (we call this positioning and can make a huge recruiting difference.)

The challenge?

VB systems can be VERY expensive, well I got good news for you...

I've negotiated a way for you to get one of the country's premier systems to waive their $500 initial buy in!

You just get your leads and pay the monthly hosting ($28 per month)*

(*Standard usage rates apply + one time $50 dollar set up fee.)


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Uber Bonus
6-Step Affiliate Marketing System
($997.00 Value)

For the last year people have been begging me to open up the 6-step program as an affiliate program so they could share these strategies for a profit.

Well that time has come.

Once you've signed up you'll be emailed your affiliate link, with a pre-written email you can send any of your fellow network marketers.

For everyone that registers over the next 5 days (limit 500) they will get the same fantastic deal on the training as you are...

...With one difference...

You will earn 50% of whatever they buy when getting registered as well as 50% of their monthly recurring fees!

That means if you just sign up 2 people you'll get this education FOR FREE.

Even better...

For every other person you enroll beyond that you will be paid 50% of their fees as well.

This means you could LITERALLY be getting PAID to take this training,

Oh yeah, I almost forgot...

After this promotional time is up, new members will be forced to pay the regular $297 registration fee (which you'll avoid by signing up today). Of that $297 you'll be paid $200!

And You'll get PAID FIRST!

Register now to be one of the few to get this incredible opportunity!


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My Final Thoughts,

Let me ask you a serious question.

How many more hang-ups and face-to-face rejections can you take before you crawl back into bed, pulling the covers over your head, never to be heard from again?

Remember, the life span of an average MLM rep is a pitiful 90 days, but I know that you are NOT an average rep, if you where you wouldn't be reading this.

It's obvious you're committed to making your business work; you just need the right tools and resources to make it all happen. That's where I come in.

Allow me give you my proven strategies to help you in your recruiting.

I've poured my blood sweat and tears into to developing this system so you wouldn't have to.

And trust me, what I've had to experience to learn these winning marketing skills is not something you want to go through.

And why should you when I've already blazed the trail for you, you just need to implement what I've proven to work for thousands of others and put into your own business.

Now I'm sure you're skeptical, I don't blame you.

There are tons of programs out there that claim "Bigger, Faster, Better" as loud as they can.

And you're probably a little gun shy. I understand...

But I don't want your fear to stop you from getting what you need to finally hit your prospecting and recruiting goals.

In just 2 minutes you'll be able to download every ounce of the first module I've spent the last 13 years to learn.

And how simple it is to add up to 30 new recruits a week into your MLM business.

For less then the cost for a nice dinner for 2 a week, you'll be exposed to a completely risk-free prospecting system guaranteed to blow you right pass your sponsor, in less than 90 days from now.

Simply order your copy of

The "6-Step MLM Business Blueprint"
"An 8 Week Crash-Course to Recruiting Bigger Numbers
For Frustrated Network Marketer's”

And with my 45-day, no questions asked, no-hassle 100% money back guarantee you risk nothing.

This is by far no miracle program, it just works, time after time and has been proven in every major company in existence today.

It's not always been easy but it has been profitable. (Very profitable)

And now is your chance to have the same systems working for you and your family.

I'll tell you now; you'll never need to thank me (in fact as many times as I get thanked by students for helping turn around their businesses, I still have a hard time accepting praise for my work).

I say the best way you can thank me is to implement these strategies into your MLM biz and get bigger and better checks from your company...

Your success will be thanks enough.

I look forward to working with you...


Warmest regards and Bigger Checks,

Greg Gomez III

P.S. I've made it my personal mission to provide every Network Marketer on the planet, a road map to breaking all the traditional recruiting rules, exposing the secrets to adding up to 5, 10, 20, even 30 new people a WEEK into your MLM business, and will show you step-by-step how to build long lasting residual 6-figure income.

I've charged up to $75,000.00 to my clients for this information improving:

But The first 100 to act today you can get these same powerful marketing techniques for less then the cost of a cup of starbucks a day when you take advantage of my generous payment option.

P.P.S. Remember I guarantee, if you implement my simple system and don't recruit at least 10 new distributors as a DIRECT result of these strategies in your first 45 days of applying my complete system, I'll DOUBLE your money-Back!

I'm that confident in you, And In these techniques.

I'll see you on the inside... G III

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