Is Fortune High Tech Marketing a scam?

My friend is in this, and he really wants me to get into it. I went to a presentation, and they kept saying “It’s not a pyramid scheme! It’s legal!” But as far as I can tell, it’s “technically” not a pyramid scheme, but it’s very close. The only thing that makes it legally NOT [...]

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is FHTM a scam and how can I tell is a scam?

I’m talking about Fortune High Tech Marketing. a guy wants me to sign up and be under him, but he wants me to pay a 299.00 membership fee and then he wants me recruit my family and friends? All the chosen blog authors make use of a Free equivalent to SEOPressor.


Is FHTM marketing Business A Scam

If you are on this page because you’re wondering if Fortune Hi-Tech Marketing (FHTM) is a gimmick, well you have come to the right page. Well to be quite sincere with you, you are not alone. You will find about 2000 more individuals like you that are questioning also if Fortune Hi-Tech Marketing (FHTM) is [...]

Steve Jordan FHTM Success Story

Steve Jordan FHTM Success Story Managing your blog won’t ever be easier because of a SEOPressor.

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Compare Ytb Travel and Travel Fhtm

Let me start by saying YTB Travel and Travel FHTM are both great home based opportunities. We are former YTB Power Team Leaders and we enjoyed our time with YTB. However; we chose to leave YTB because of all the negative news, blog postings, scam reports etc. YTB Travel is a legitimate business opportunity that [...]

“FHTM” Pastor James Merritt Story

. . Pastor James Merritt Tells you why he joined FHTM, A griping story! Don’t use a wordpress plugin download? You should?

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Paul Orberson: Academy of Excellence

Visit to learn more about FHTM University – The Academy of Excellence. Web site turbocharging utilising a wordpress plugin twitter is now simple.

Fortune Hi-Tech Marketing – The Truth About FHTM Discovered

Fortune Hi-Tech Marketing began almost a decade ago in December of 2001. Paul Orberson will be the founder of FHTM and was the leading producer at Excel within the 90′s. Their item and services are within the local and lengthy distance phone services, cell phones, the internet, cable, etc. that buyers are already employing. It [...]

Is Fortune Hi-Tech Marketing a Network Marketing Company or a Multi-Level Marketing Company?

Fortune Hi-Tech Marketing is expanding fast across the nation. Many people are considering the program and wondering if FHTM is more of a network marketing company or a multi-level marketing business. Before we can help answer the question about Fortune Hi-Tech Marketing, we must first describe the main difference between the two. Network MarketingOne easy [...]

Is Paul Orberson (FHTM) The Next Bernie Madoff – Pyramid Scam Alert

What happened to the dreams and financial freedom of all of those 1,600 somewhat reps in Montana that counted on Orberson to eliminate their jobs and become debt free?  Seems to me like all of those dreams have been crushed and all of those reps are forbidden from engaging in any FHTM business. Do they [...]

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