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4 Challenges Only Home Business 

Owners Will Understand


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My is Greg Gomez III, Founder and CEO of

I've been training home business owners like yourself, frustrated with traditional recruiting and prospecting methods, for over a decade now. (Get my full bio here)

In that time, I've been able to boil down the 4 main challenges that are stopping networkers from getting where they really want to go in their business and...

Here's the 4 Challenges ONLY Home Business Owners Will Understand..

1. Lack Of Qualified Prospects - If you're sick and tired of chasing Uncle Johnny and your brother to get them to join your business, then you need an automated, prospect spitting machine that sends you highly qualified prospects who are ACTUALLY interested in joining your business or purchasing your products.

2. What To Say To Those Prospects To Get Them To Pull Out Their Credit Cards - If you often find yourself wondering why your prospects aren't near as excited as you are about your products and services, then you need a simple to follow, prospecting and closing script that will have those same people practically BEGGING you to sign up immediately.

3. Don't Have A Simple, Paint by Numbers Action Plan To Quickly Build Your Business - It's very likely you've never run a business before, and as a result you may not have a clue of how, of when, or where to get started.  GOOD NEWS it's easier than you think..

4. Getting Out Of Your Own Way - Whether you're dealing with an unsupportive upline or paralyzing FEAR of talking to new people, what I've found after coaching thousands of people over the last 10 years, you'll find the grey matter between your ears is really the ONE thing holding you back from recruiting 5, 10, or even 20 new prospects per week into your business like clockwork.

If you'd like to get access to the simple Blueprint you'll use to help you curve all negativity, deal with negativity, and turn it into a positive.


How to overcome your internal fears and turn them into motivators and drivers and ultimately unlock your full potential (Training Module #4) 


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