From: Greg Gomez III                                                                             
Location:  Home Office in Phoenix, AZ

Dear ,
Fellow Network Marketer...

If you'd like to finally learn what it takes to add up to 5, 10, 20, even up to 30 new associates EVERY WEEK, into your current home based business without pestering your friends or family, this might be the most important letter you'll ever read.

My name is Greg Gomez III. I've been a certified home-business, sales, & marketing coach for over 14 years and during my career I’ve had the privilege of working with some of MLM’s top producers, from nearly every major network marketing company in the US and Canada.

I’ve trained associates in every company from Prepaid Legal, Shaklee, Herbalife, ACN, Xango, MonaVie, Amway, FHTM, Traverus, YTB, and too many others to list here.

Now, even though I’ve charged up to $75,000 to teach my systems, and have personally grown organizations that have added over 247 people every week, I have a confession to make…

…Recruiting wasn't always so easy for me.

You see… Just a few years ago I was your “typical” network marketer; in fact many modern-day “gurus” describe my story when they pitch their eBooks and reports.


STILL bothering friends and family at social get-togethers?

3 STILL chasing strangers at the mall with pamphlets & DVDs?
3 STILL pestering old high school buddies you haven’t talked to in ages?
3 STILL dumping hundreds (thousands) of dollars every month on worthless opportunity seeker leads?
3 STILL traveling torah-rah” company events, getting “fired-up” but STILL not able get sign ups?
3 STILL wondering why it’s so hard to recruit, (Especially when your upline makes it look so easy?)

 Well, you’re not alone…

654So what turned it around?

Funny how things work out, you see I took a sales job to help pay for the mountain of debt I was under and stumbled upon a crazy direct response marketer here in Phoenix, who taught me the secrets to building a successful marketing funnel.

What’s a “marketing funnel”?

Briefly, it’s a series of steps you take a prospect through, in order to educate and excite them about your product, service, or opportunity BEFORE you pick up the phone to recruit them.

Here’s what’s important to understand…

…When you build an effective marketing funnel, often times your prospect will call and leave you voice mails begging to be signed up.

Now, when this crazy marketer first explained how to build this kind of system, it seemed too simple and I was totally skeptical (much like you might be now)…

…but after seeing the results this guy was getting in the carpet cleaning industry (yup, he was the rock-star guru to carpet cleaners, go figure) I decided to try the strategies on a “part-time” basis just to see if it could really work in my home business.

So, did it work?

I couldn’t believe it.

Finally after so many years of struggling and being laughed at by family & friends for joining all those “scams” I’d put together a system that brought me consistent results, adding dozens of people every week like clockwork.

But can this system work for you?

Many of my associates were skeptical about my system too, some didn’t believe it was possible, and a few even thought I was making this stuff up.

And to prove it I took a handful of complete “wet-behind-the-ears” marketers and trained them the exact same systems I had been using.
Jamie Whitley from Glendale AZ, (never been involved in a business before) added an average of 3 new recruits every day!
John Scott of Phoenix AZ added over 15 new people every week!
Trina McCafferty from Tempe AZ (one of my superstars) added up to 6 people EVERY DAY!

Bottom line, using this system, my newbie group of 24 associates helped me recruit over 247 people every week into my team.

Now, over the last 6 years I’ve helped more than 22,345 network marketers like yourself, learn these same techniques to grow their businesses, without having to wait 3 to 5 years to make it happen… and now it’s your turn…

The truth is, with the right marketing plan and proper sales process, you can turn your part-time home-based-hobby (read: “Money Pit”) into a serious cash-producing 6 (even 7)-Figure residual income, but only if you’re willing to make some serious changes in the way you recruit.
So how do you do that?

Now, if you’re anything like me you’re probably saying…

Know what? You’re not alone…

In a recent survey of my 22,345 students from around the world, the answer was an almost unanimous cry for help on “how to get started”.

Even seasoned veterans, who’ve been involved in the industry for years, in multiple companies still felt lost and “brand new” because of the internet, and how confusing it’s made the industry…


Chances are you’ve spent countless hours online, scouring blogs and articles of dozens of so-called “MLM Gurus”, downloading e-books, trying to make sense of...



Article Writing



Keyword Tools

Funded Proposals

RSS Feeds


Pay Per Click

Opt In Lists

Copywriting Courses


Capture Pages

Double Opt in Lists

Voice Broadcasting

…Not to mention all the daily emails you get that read:  “OMG, I discovered a COMPLETELY NEW marketing widget that does...” and on, and on, and on!

After all this “education”– it’s no wonder you’re confused.

I’m sure you've felt like giving up and screaming many times like me!
But it doesn't have to be this way, there is an easy solution to help you reach your recruiting goals, in fact...

Imagine what it would feel like to…

3 Know exactly how to get started recruiting 10 or more people every month.
2 Where and what type of leads you should start with (online or off)
1 The fastest way to “monetize” those leads, Put yourself into profit, & keeping out of hot water with your spouse.
1 EXACTLY “what to say” to prospects to get them drooling to learn more about your offer, and…
1 THE quickest way to get up to 5, 10, 20, even 30 of those hot prospects signing up in your business EVERY WEEK!

This roadmap reveals the exact pieces you’ll need to build a massive (and modern) network marketing downline in today’s economy.

This is the entire system I’ve used to add over 247 people every week into my businesses, and is what my A-list clients have paid up to $75,000.00 to learn (which they do cheerfully because of the 3 I’ve helped them create).

3 No more chasing friends & coworkers to hotel meetings or house parties.
2 No more “attacking” folks who get within 3 feet of you at the mall and…
1 No more getting laughed at behind your back by “loved ones” who can’t believe you’re involved in another “pyramid scheme”.

In this online eCourse I’ve laid out my entire recruiting system into a detailed blueprint that highlights every part of my multiple-six-figure business-model and outlines every step you need to profit in your CURRENT MLM business... fast.

This blueprint gives you a complete video walkthrough of my entire recruiting system, the very same system that shot me to the top of my company’s leader board in less than 8 months.


In this course I’ve answered the biggest, most common questions I get asked by my students, answers only available to my high paying personal students … until now.


Let me get more specific…

Below are just a few of the most common questions I get asked about building a 6-figure MLM Business from students and colleagues…

How many times have you asked yourself these questions...?


This is by far the biggest question I get asked by newbie’s and vets alike.

In the MLM Business Blueprint, you’ll learn exactly what you should start doing first in your business, what to hold-off, & what to avoid completely.

Here’s just a small list of what you’ll discover…

1 A step-by-step, paint-by-numbers walkthrough of my ENTIRE multi-million dollar marketing system. I’ll not only hand you my entire business model on a platter I’ll even give you a video tutorial on how to put the pieces together for your CURRENT network marketing business.
1 The one daily activity you must-do FIRST that accounts for 80% of your new recruits. Doing this one thing every day literally is the difference between success and failure, no exceptions.
1 A foolproof way to waste time, lose sales, and be laughed at by friends & family (Not Good). Once discovered, you’ll instantly understand why recruiting has been such a challenge… till now.
1 The #1, most-important thing you MUST do, today (right now) in order to add up to 23 people every week into your business. (97% of networkers get this wrong and I guarantee you’ve been taught to screw it up too).
1 Sales Conversion Process: What it is, what it'll do for you, & why you need it. The critical pieces you MUST HAVE in order to quickly build a large downline. (Get an entire recipe for building a money-press laid out for you step-by-step.)
1 MLM Myth Busted! Why people who “need” your products and services may be your WORST prospects.
1 My super-ninja trick to instantly find who you “SHOULD” market to. (Why guess?)
1 How an illiterate high school dropout kicked my tail every week in recruiting… and how learning his secret shot me to the number one spot in every business I’ve worked. (You get it in the first video.)
1 What Marketing Muscle should you work out 1st? How to identify what skill sets you should be focused on first and which you should ALWAYS outsource.


The unfortunate reality is, there’s no list you can “buy” that will be quite that good (think about it, if you had a list like wouldn't you keep it for yourself and try to make as much money with it you could? ...That’s what I thought.)

However, there is a way to “build” these types of lists and a way to buy thousands (tens-of-thousands) of people who already “need” you’re offer.

In the MLM Business Blueprint you’ll learn the TRUTH about leads plus…

1 MLM Myth Busted! 3 reasons “EVERYONE” in the world is not a prospect and how to identify who the perfect candidate for your product, services, and opportunity really are.
1 The most effective way to practically eliminate time-sucking tire-kickers. 3 criteria all prospects must meet before you invest any time in them.
1 Why chasing opportunity seekers and other network marketers could single handedly put your opportunity in a body bag
1 3 Simple steps to easily identify “lay-down” prospects: You’ll want to slap your sponsor for not teaching you this FIRST. (It’s not really their fault, they’ve never been taught this trick but you’ll learn it in video #3)
1 Limitless High Quality MLM Leads: Where to find lists of thousands (tens of thousands) laser-targeted prospects desperate for your stuff.
1 Dirt Cheap Leads (That ROCK!): How to get those mountains of high quality leads for pennies a piece.
1 No more crappy leads: What you must do to ensure the lists you get are the highest quality and not of people who have no idea why you’re calling.
1 Upline Co-Op Lead Programs Exposed! Why your upline’s expensive lead generation programs may be killing your chances at networking success.
1 The “Magic List Syndrome”: What it is, and why it’s keeping your business from getting off the ground.
1 Why You Should Burn Your Warm Market List: Never again will you have to pester family, friends, neighbors or coworkers. You’ll learn how to ONLY speak to folks that actually “want” what you have to offer.


, You joined your business to make money, right?

But, doing things “your company’s way” can take up to 3 to 5 years (AT LEAST) to build a significant 6-figure business. But you don’t have that much time (or don’t want to wait)!

Chances are, you probably need to earn money (bill-paying-money) now. Enough to supplement (even support) your family right away, is that right?

Well, the only way you can earn that kind of money is to add a boatload of people. (Actually, there is another way to earn more money up-front with fewer sign-ups, but I’ll show you that neat little trick in a minute).

Inside you’ll learn how to maximize your Return on Investment (ROI) much faster than the traditional “earning” curve of your fellow network marketers, and here’s just a small taste of how you’ll do that…

1 Want the fastest way to get to the top of your compensation plan? (The most critical element you should focus on, to hit your top compensation (get this one thing right and recruiting becomes almost fall-over easy.)
1 Never Do “1-on-1” Sales Pitches Again. A method to present your sales message to “Sold-out” arenas of prospects, without leaving the comfort of your home.
1 How to put 50, 70, even over 100 people every week in front of your meetings. Revealed! My secret formula to drive masses of titillated prospects to your sales message.
1 Recruiting on Steroids: my little-used, mechanical trick to pump up your recruiting numbers automatically every week.
1 How to maximize your income while putting in minimum effort- once you see the return you get with this, nothing else comes close...
1 How to make big money with less work than you probably do at your job now... Hate your job? Don't worry, your working days are numbered :)
1 “Company Paid Vacation, Car Allowance, & Leader Bonus, Oh my!” How to capture every top company prize, working less than the “big boys”.


Let’s assume you got some decent prospects and you’re 100% behind your company’s products/services, comp plan, etc.

What good does that do you if you have no idea what to say to get your prospects to take a look at what you got?

The blueprint will also reveal…


“Eek! Pyramid Scheme!” Finally, an easy to use (But incredibly effective) way to eliminate the most common (and annoying) response your prospect has. (And NO it’s not that cheesy line about “all businesses are pyramids with the boss at the top and blah, blah, blah… that line sucks!)

1 Never Convince Again! My simple secret to completely eliminate begging or pleading prospects to join your business.
1 3 “Can’t-Miss” Ways to Get More People to Your Business Meetings: (And how to get them to actually show up!) Once you discover this little gem, you’ll wonder why anybody would want to do it differently.
1 Arm-twisting teeth-pulling & groveling, be gone! My simple mindset-adjustment to get prospects paying close attention and solidify your position as a leader in their mind.
1 How to get drooling prospects, credit-card in-hand, begging you to enroll them into your business. The best way I've found to get your prospects "Hot & Bothered" over your products & services (all without begging or pleading.)
1 MLM Myth Busted!  Your Opportunity SUCKS! The only time you should ever talk about your opportunity, When and where to sell it, period. (Timing is everything here)
1 The Art of selling without selling. The easiest way to go from “annoying fanatic” to “trusted advisor”.
1 Why “traditional” objection handling techniques are killing your recruiting numbers.
1 3 things all networkers do that make prospects think you’re a liar. And what you can do to earn the trust of even the most disbelieving skeptic.
1 How to make closing the easiest part of your business. Most networkers dread "the close', but follow my step-by-step process and you'll make closing a breeze.
1 What your top recruiter doesn’t know about closing and how you can use this simple strategy to kick their tail every single week.
1 The word-for-word closing line I use to generate millions of dollars in business. When used correctly it works every single time (I’ll show you how inside).

1 Retention strategies to get your associates to stay for years (not months). This principal alone can stabilize your residual checks and keep customers from falling off autoship.
1 What you can do to keep your new reps consuming and active for at least one year. Average network marketers lose 3 out of 4 recruits in less than 90 days.
1 My favorite way to automate the selling process to predicatively generate new sign ups every day.
1 What online systems I’m using to generate hundreds of leads a day, which ones you shouldn’t use until you're “qualified” ,  and which ones to ignore all together. (there are a few common strategies everyone swears by that I STILL am not using, and truthfully I don’t believe I’m ready for yet, you’ll learn what they are and why you shouldn’t be doing them Either.)
1 The Truth about How to PROPERLY Use Social Media and what you don’t know that’s been silently slaughtering your business growth.
1 The Attraction Marketing Myth: I’ll even uncover why you’ve been struggling to make the attraction marketing methods work.
1 An Effortless Low-Tech Method to Creating Motivated Buyers. How to get your prospects begging for a spot on your team.


Side Note: Just so you know, I still work from my home office (most days). I have a 7 year old and a 4 year old in school, and a 10 month old son who stays home with me.

I’m not able to dedicate more than 3 hours a day to business (even when I want to. ;)

In fact, many of my top students have young children underfoot (this is the reason we joined a “home-based” business.)

So the “I don’t have the time to work my business” excuse won’t fly with me.

If you want success, this will show you
EXACTLY how to do it, working as little
as possible. (OK, side note over)


Bonus 1: Intro to Copywriting Interview
with Dave Simon ($97 Value)

How would you like to get an army of top-performing salespeople who never sleep, never need breaks, and never complain?

Just send you constant stream of sales and new recruits added to your genealogy report every day.

Well, copywriting is the process of creating sales letters, emails,ads, or brochures that do just that.

And in this rare interview, you’ll get to hear from one of the best in the industry, Mr. Dave Simon.

Dave was responsible for most of the ad copy used in the recent “reverse funnel system” re-launch and has worked as a “secret weapon” for some of the country’s top marketers.

Long story short, Dave is in the top 10% of all copywriters and I’m proud to call him a friend.

And in this interview he’ll give you straight-talk on how to create powerful ads and web copy that pre-sell your offer, BEFORE you talk to anyone on the phone.  

Bonus 2: Closed-Door Private Consulting
Videos ($197 Real Value)

Last year Pat Hursey (one of Herbalife’s million dollar earners) joined a new company and contracted me to help design and launch his new marketing campaign.

After reviewing his info I realized he needed help in one critical area more than any other (it also happens to be what 97% of all networkers get wrong). So I fired up the digital camera and shot over forty minutes of in-depth coaching.

What resulted is a classic consulting that helped Pat become the #4 recruiter for the entire company in his first month (which he only worked 19 days of).

You’ll get the entire (unedited) video of our “whiteboard” session to get this critical piece of your business puzzle, all at no extra cost.

Bonus 3: Mental Marketing Makeover ($47 Real Value)

Let me level with you, I’m not a big fan of Rah-Rah, Touchy-feely, “Mindset” courses designed to make you feel ok with being “ok”.

I’ve always focused more on developing 1-2-3, A-B-C training courses that walk you through every piece of my winning system (I’ve found you don’t need much “Motivation” when results are near automatic).


It would be downright irresponsible of me to suggest that this is all a “skill-set” game. The truth is, success in Network Marketing is just as much an inner game as it is figuring out how to get leads and close them.

And in this rare recording I outline an entire mind-set-altering process that helps you identify your self-limiting (even self-sabotaging) habits and replace them with life-transforming, big cash-grabbing attitude adjustments to help you get where you really want to go.

Bonus 4: Lifetime MLMBB Affiliate Membership (Priceless)

How would you like to get your very own online lead generation system that cranks out up to 20, 50, even up to 100 high quality network marketers willing to pay top-dollar to hear what you have to offer…EVERY DAY!?

That’s exactly what you’ll get when you order today…

Over the last year I’ve been retooling my ENTIRE lead generation system to include ALL of the tips and tricks I reveal in the MLM Business Blueprint.

As a result, I’ve built a system that converts prospects into $200+ paying customers before I or my team ever pick up the phone to talk to them.

And I’ll hand you the exact same system to use and model for your own lead generation, just for ordering today.

Okay Greg, How Much Is the MLM Business Blueprint?

Actually, compared to what you get, it’s a lot less than you’dexpect…Darryl James

Listen, my consulting fee at the moment is $1,000.00 an Hour. (Yup, per hour.) And my personal coaching students have paid up to $7,997 to get what I’m about to hand you on the next page.

And many MLM “Gurus” are charging nearly $2,000 for the same type of training.

But you don’t have to pay that much. You don’t have to pay $1,000, $500, $400, $300 or even $100.

The "MLM Business Blueprint" is just… $97 $37.

Think about that…

I’m about to hand you my entire, multiple-six-figure producing, process that has helped more struggling-networkers learn what it really takes to score big in this industry… for less than dinner at your local Red Lobster.

Why so low?

Simple, I don’t want the money to be an issue for you.

I truly believe in what I teach, and have no problems charging hundreds, even thousands of dollars for what you’re getting in this program (in fact I’ve charged tens of thousands just to teach the “sales” portion of what you’ll get) and I may very well come to my senses and raise the price soon, but for now, I'll hand you the entire mini-course for next to nothing.

, let me level with you…

...I get it.

I’ve been where you are now, and understand you may be skeptical as to whether this can really work for you, and because of that, I’m willing to put my money where my mouth is, here’s what I mean...



Iron Clad Double Guarantee!

1st My “View Any Video” Guarantee!

Randomly pick ANY video in the course, give it a once-over, if you don’t immediately agree it delivered 10 times what you invested, simply let me know and I’ll cheerfully buy back the course from you for what you paid. What could be more fair?

I’ll tell you what…
A FULL 1-YEAR Money Back Guarantee! That’s a full year (365 days) to view – and review - all of the top-recruiting info packed into this 12 Video series. And if, for any reason you don’t think the MLM Business Blueprint is worth at least 10 TIMES what you invested... just let me know... and I’ll hand you a full, hassle-free refund, no questions asked.

Greg Gomez III


Greg, I need this... let me in now!

Why am I so confident?

To be frank, not only am I 100% positive you’ll keep the program, I’m betting – you’re going to want to share it with all the new people your sponsoring because of how direct and simple it makes recruiting.

(And remember, with bonus number 4, I’ll actually pay you whenever you share this training with others, that means you’ll actually get paid to hand your new signups a better way to recruit people into your downline!)

And every time you re-listen to the audios and re-watch the videos, you’ll uncover even more nuggets to implement, as your downline grows and flourishes.



Now that I've shown you a no-risk way to increase your enrollments in your MLM business... the next move is up to YOU.

Seriously, if you've read this far, you know you have a strong interest in making your home-based business produce more reps and bigger commission checks. All that's left is to take the action to do it.

If you want to...

3 Stop wishing that someday your business will take off...
2 Turn every week into a record-breaking enrollment week...
1 Take control of how many representatives you enroll &FINALLY learn how pleasant running your home-business can really be (& stop pulling your hair out from frustratingly low enrollments)…

...Then, you owe it to yourself to take full advantage of this very limited, risk-free offer right now before it's too late, as I will be removing some of the bonuses and increasing my membership fees very soon.

(I recently did, and enrollments are still skyrocketing!)

So do yourself and your business a favor. Take action now.

All major credit cards are accepted. I also accept PayPal. Don't delay any further. Every minute that passes may be another recruit lost.

I'll be waiting on the other side...

Warm regards, and bigger checks ;)

Greg Gomez III

P.S. , One more thing… It’s important. I literally get flooded with emails and voicemails from people who’ve purchased my training systems in the past . . . and I thought you might like to see what they had to say.

These are real people, people just like you and me . . . who took a chance and scrounged up the courage to take action. (Some put off quitting their networking companies just to give my training systems “one-last-try”, and rocked it.)

Others even borrowed a few bucks just to get started.

They realized how important the right training is. . . and how small the investment was compared to the value provided. Here are just a few of their comments:

"I ended October with 7 enrollments in the last week!"

"Hey Greg,1

I keep meaning to email you since our chat on Friday - two weeks ago... I ended October with 7 enrollments in the last week ... more than I ever did in one week... and putting me at 10 for the month... As always - I appreciate your input... it is extremely helpful... thx. "

-- Ellen Franzoso

"I've Enrolled Over 550 People In Just a Few Months!"


"Before I met Greg, I was extremely challenged in sales and marketing.! I was frustrated and invested tons of money with no results.

After I met Greg I learned how to become a successful marketer. I seen my income shoot straight up. And added over 550 people in just a few months, and grossed over 2!

I owe a ton of my success to Greg."

- Brian Zimmerman
Denver, CO

"I Added Over 20 People Every Week!"

"I never thought this could happen to me...

...Using these Techniques, I added over 20 people every week into my telecom business.

And now I teach my reps the same techniques to help me become my companies first Regional Vice President.

Thanks Greg..."

- Dave Fox
Mantua, OH

" I Made An Extra 1 In Just 6 Hours!"

"Hey Greg,

Just wanted to let you know your stuff works!

I've struggled in MLM For the last 5 years and got very little (if any) results, but after studying and implementing what you've taught, I earned an extra 2 in my first 6 hours of implementing.

Can't wait to do more, talk soon and thanks again."

- Tim Ogren

"I'm very excited to get some directions I
was trying to figure out for so many years

"Hey Greg,

I was extremely impressed with your expertise and knowledge and am very excited to get some directions that I was trying to figure out for so many years.

I am very grateful to have found you as a mentor."

- Malky Tauber, NY
Master Shaklee Distributor


"Since Applying Your Principles, My
Commissions Have Begun to Skyrocket..."

"Mr. Gomez!!

We have never met, nor have we conversed at any time, however, I just felt that I needed to formally thank you for the amazing effect you have had on my life.

A while ago I came across your post and added it to my resource material. 

Once I actually read it, I decided to begin using some of your words, word for word.......and Oh My God, it has made such a tremendous difference in response.

Since applying your principles, my commissions have begun to skyrocket, and I make sure I send all my new distributors to that sight too.

Too bad you can't get a cut of this eh?  God Bless!!"

-- Mary Lafontaine
Unknown Internet User

“I did about 10 calls and got 2 people to a call and got 1 person to sign up in my business in a couple of hours of dialing. That’s a 50% close rate after only a few weeks!”

– Ronald G.

“I’ve spent 10 times more then what I’ve spent with this training, this plays to my strengths, and if I don’t have the strengths your class gives that to me over a period of time.”

- Peter M.

"...Best Training I've Seen Yet, Bar None."

"Greg, I sure want to thank you...

WOW this is a great course, I just can't believe that someone would teach this stuff and let us learn it. Thanks for introducing me to it, 'cause it's the best training I’ve seen yet, bar none.  Thanks Greg...

I’m glad I saw your picture on the internet!"

– Pete Hallas
Yelm, WA

“Wednesday class was awesome; I just want to say that you have always been there whenever I had a question.”

– Maybelle Campo
Norfolk, Virginia

“I’ve only been a student for 4 weeks and have implemented just a couple of strategies, but already I've increased my business dramatically, but the best part is that I save a ton of money on gas now.”

– Ken G.
San Jose, CA

“It’s made me feel that this is defiantly doable, and I have a tremendous amount more confidence.”

– Greg Lloyd
Port Coquitlam, BC

“I added 6 people into my business in just 2 days…but the best part is the confidence I’ve gained and that caries over into the rest of my life…how do you say thank you for something like that?”

– Dick H.

“I’m Blown away…It teaches you how to treat your deal like a real business…there is no hype here, this is what you need to do.”

- Brian Slaughbugh

“I am really Excited, I gotta tell you I’m very impressed, even more so then I expected. They gave direct tools. This is how the top reps are getting to the premier level”

– Ari Rubenstien
Palos Verdes Penninsula, CA

"WOW, What an awesome way to get my business up and in jump start mode."

"I was so skeptical at first, but OHH MY am I glad I took the offer.

I had been on a journey for weeks trying to learn how to market myself.  This education has taught me more about myself, others, and what really matters in this life.  Putting others needs before my own was my first life lesson, and I’m so much the better for it.

Greg your awesome!! You go way beyond the call of duty to help others succeed. I appreciate your time, and all the terrific information you give.  I just Thank God I found a leader among many . "

- Eileen Cross
Groves, Texas

"I just wanted to drop you a line to tell you how much I am learning from these calls."

- Chip Foster
Lubbock, TX

"I Can't Believe the Amount of Contacts I'm
Getting As a Result of This.

"Hey Greg,

This is Steve Mroczek. I really enjoyed your first issue and have used the techniques you taught.  I can't believe the amount of contacts I'm getting as a result of this. 

Thank you so much. 

Also I wanted to tell you I will be attending the live event and look forward to speaking with you there.


- Steve Mroczek
Auburn Hills, MI

"Thanks Greg...... Wow....  This is what we have NEEDED for years!

-George & Carolyn Wardlaw
Paw Paw, MI

"...I've struggled in MLM and Networking since I was in my early thirties. Now after all these years I'm finally starting to get it right. Working with you, and doing what you've shared I made an extra 1 my first week! I am off and running and I haven't bothered to look back. Thanks Greg!"
-Terry McCormack
Atlanta, GA

"By the way, just read your issue on Control...Very empowering piece of info!!!

Keep up the great work!"

- W.J.Luckett
Highland, CA

"Hello, Greg.

I thought this lesson was very good. You didn't give too much to digest at one time. I feel excited that you will continue with another lesson or more.

Thank you very much!"

- Joyce Velasco
Paradise, CA

"I'm very pleased with the training, especially on closing.  That has definitely been one of my weaknesses.  I'm sure I'll see significant improvement very quickly with the training.

- Tim Thomas
Jackson, MI

, The Time To Act is Now Take Action And I'll see you on the inside...


Earnings Disclaimer: As confident as I am in this system and my teachings, I don't want you to invest in it if you think it will magically make you money without implemention. You have to apply what you learn in order to succeed in anything (especially business), that's the truth plain and simple. The results I've shown here and in the related teleseminar aren't typical and yours will more than likely vary. Botton line, you may not make a dime. In fact, it's possible you might even lose money. Know that before joining, because if you're looking for a magic lottery ticket, that all you have to do is scratch, this ain't for you. All the Best ;)